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Great quality three system external audit

From July 19th to 20th, five audit teachers from China Quality Certification Center conducted a two-day supervision and audit of our company's quality, environment, and occupational health and safety systems.

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The 41st Electrical Instrumentation Industry Exhibition

The 41st Electrical Instrumentation Industry Exhibition



The 41st Electrical Instrumentation Industry Exhibition

Our company will participate in the 41st Electrical Instrument Industry Exhibition Date: November 1-3, 2020 Venue: Dongguan Jiahua Hotel Booth numbers: B-03,B-04 Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business!



The future development direction of magnetic latching relay is discussed

With the continuous development of instruments, magnetic latching relays have developed rapidly, and the market demand is also increasing day by day. In the next few years, the market demand of magnetic latching relays in China will continue to increase, and an industrial system with complete product categories, certain production scale and development capacity has been initially formed.



Gateway to future development of magnetic latching relays

Magnetic stick relay with the continuous development of economy, in the development of the market continuously improve, widely applied to control the start-up, preheating, air conditioning, oil pump, security, audio, communications, navigation, and automotive electronic instrument and fault diagnosis system, the application scope is widespread, has a very broad prospects for development, favored by users, in the market to keep magnetic relay the overall demand is increasing.



Advantages analysis of magnetic latching relay

Magnetic stick relay also along with the development of watt-hour meter, with the fast development, has become an important and indispensable part of watt-hour meter, the advantages of small size, load capacity is strong, the input and output isolation degree is high, low consumption, low temperature rise, it in the market share is high, and is widely used, favored by consumers. Magnetic latching relay is mainly used in IC card prepaid meter, centralized meter reading system. In recent years, magnetic latching relays have been widely used in composite switches of reactive power compensation devices. When used in combination with SCR in composite switches, they have become the main switching devices in reactive power compensation devices to switch large current circuits. They can also be used in a variety of household appliances and automatic control devices (such as lighting control systems). 



The market for magnetic latching relays is growing, and the domestic market is driving overall applications

Magnetic latching relay is a new type relay developed in recent years. It is also a kind of automatic switch. Like other electromagnetic relays, it automatically switches on and off the circuit. The difference is that the normally closed or normally open state of the magnetic latching relay completely depends on the role of the permanent magnetic steel, and the switch state of the relay is triggered by a certain width of the pulse electrical signal and completed.



Important parameters of magnetic latching relay




A relay in which the relative motion of mechanical parts produces a predetermined response.

There are many classification methods of relays, which can be classified according to operating principle, external size, protection characteristics, contact load, product use and so on.

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